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    Welcome to Sakamoto World. This is a page dedicated to the "professor" himself, mr.Ryuichi Sakamoto, probably best known for composing such luscious film scores as "merry xmas mr.lawrence" & "the last emporer"(with which he won numerous awards for, including the 1987 academy award for best film score). Sakamoto's determination to stay unique & fresh in a constantly disposable musical climate, and his unwillingness to compromise his artistic integrity, has earned him a cult following in all corners of the globe. An actor, musician, composer, conducter, producer, model, political activist, Sakamoto has many guises, and is a popular household name in his native Japan. He is the only person in history to have a no.1 hit single in japan with a piano instrumental track..

    ...Energy flow was actually concieved from a japanese T.V commercial penned by Ryuichi before it's initial release on the ura-bttb single, and it spanned little more than 30 seconds in it's original form (The single was eventually fleshed out and extended by Sakamoto to cover over four-minutes of play-time on the ura-bttb single). He was also responsible for pioneering the "Techno-Pop" scene in the late 70's/early 80's with his band "yellow magic orchestra", whom were the only japanese band to score a top twenty hit in the english charts in said era. Yet he has also produced many professional artists, both in and out of japan, whilst at the same time managing to forge an extremely influencial solo-career for himself.

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    His musical style is not so much uncategorisable, as unrelentlessly & radically diverse and chameleon-like. He's delved into musical areas such as Techno-pop, Bossa-nova (in which he has just recently released the album "casa" featuring rare interpretations of the bossa-nova master Tom Jobim's Songs, which Sakamoto masterfully sprinkles with more than a hint of impressionism), electronica, Jazz, Neo-Classical, avante garde, opera, R&B, contemporary classical, cross-over... the list is simply inexaustable. Ryuichi had a strong musical vision that he has nurtured and pursued during his long career, in an effort to bring together all corners of the musical globe to create a poignant (and not to mention wonderfully bizarre!) amalgamation of world cross-over music. He would often tell interviewers during his many tours during the early 90s that, within his mind, all countries and cultures where adjacent to each other - i.e. beijing was near new york, was near tokyo, was near brazil, ect. All of these country's musical styles and intonations were all part of his unique musical geographic vision, with the music acting as a universal language to break down cultural barriers, and to create harmony among nantions. It is through this vision that he came to create the "Neo geo ensemble" which consisted of various musicians from around the world("Neo geo" quite literally translates as "new geography/map" in japanese). These world-fusion projects can be heard on such albums as "Neo geo", "Beauty" and "heartbeat", or the brazillian infected "smoochy"(which also featured Paula & jacque morelenbaum, on backing vocals & cello respectively).

    Ryuichi even has a famous daughter in japan who is a successful singer in her own right. Miu Sakamoto(pictured above) has had j-pop tracks both arranged, and composed by her musically versatile father, and enjoys a healthy musical career in japan to this day.

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